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How to Buy Land

All land we sell is Freehold. Unless stated otherwise, it is sold as pasture and/or agricultural land without planning permission and without restrictive covenants. If the land is being purchased to build on, you will need to obtain planning permission but we do not promise nor even suggest that this will be granted

All necessary searches will have already been carried out, and we supply all forms and instructions to complete the purchase and registration procedures quickly and easily. In most cases purchasers do not use a solicitor, but are perfectly at liberty to do so if they wish.

The following describes the steps necessary to purchase our land:

STEP 1 Identify the piece of land that suits your needs (size, location, cost, etc.) from our listings.
STEP 2 Use the "Contact Us" form to make initial enquiries or contact with us, and verify that your choice of land is still available. If you then wish to progress to the next stage we will exchange more formal contact details - address, Email, telephone numbers, etc.
STEP 3 (optional) Send us a 10% non-refundable deposit to reserve the land. At the same time, tell us your full name and address to be entered on the land transfer forms. On receipt or your deposit we will complete the forms ready for step 4. We will reserve the land for you for up to 30 working days from receipt of a deposit.
STEP 4 Provide full payment (less deposit if previously paid) of the purchase price, either by a UK cheque or Bankers' Draft by or bank transfer.
STEP 5 On receipt of your cleared payment in full we will send you completed forms for you to sign and send to the Land Registry. You will need to sign, have witnessed, and send these forms to the Land Registry with a cheque for the Land Registry fee (currently £40.00).

The land will be registered in your name and the Land Registry will send you your copy of the title deeds.

STEP 7 Enjoy your land !



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